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  included in the price: *software *hardware: high quality stand with... mehr
Produktinformationen "MULTISCAN FIT"


included in the price:


*hardware: high quality stand with integrated computer, touchscreen and scale


*education and trainings 

*warranty on the testing hardware 

*technical support 



this service-package is included during 1 year, afterwards you pay €500 VAT excl per year for this


Hardware consists of: 

high quality stand 

integrated hand plates electrodes, foot plates electrodes, oximeter

computer and touchscreen




Software shows:

Assessment of the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic / parasympathetic activity) => for example to define overtraining, stress, recuperation,...

Digital Pulse Wave Analysis and hemodynamic indicators

Indicators related to Heart rate variability

Review electrodermal activity => cardiovascular overviews, blood pressure evaluation and risk factors

Segmental Multi-frequency Bio Impedance Analysis 

Display of body composition

Personalized advice on nutrition, vitamins, minerals, ...

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