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Multisca n - das Multifunktions-Taschenmesser in der Gesundheitsberatung Das ganzheitliche... mehr
Produktinformationen "MULTISCAN PRO"

Multiscan - das Multifunktions-Taschenmesser in der Gesundheitsberatung

Das ganzheitliche Analysewerkzeug ist für professionelle Beratungsdienstleistungen im Bereich Lebensstil, Prävention, Nachsorge, Ernährung und Therapie entwickelt worden. 

In nur zwei Minuten erhält der User einen umfassenden Report über den Funktionszustand des autonomen Nervensystems, die Körperzusammensetzung, den kardiovaskulären Zustand, eine Blutdruckauswertung und Risikofaktoren.

Darauf basierend werden individuelle Empfehlungen für Ernährung, Nahrungsergänzungen, Sport und Bewegungsverhalten erstellt.

Die Multiscan Software übersetzt die Messwerte in eine anschauliche Präsentation und Interpretation.


Die Art der Datendarstellung hilft beim coachen, motivieren und unterstützt den Berater bei der Nachverfolgung der gesundheitlichen Ziele der Klienten.



*software: 2 licenses (installation on 2 laptops/computers) and hardware


*education and trainings 

*warranty on the hardware 

*technical support 



this service-package is included during 1 year, afterwards you pay €500 VAT excl per year for this


Multiscan PRO is a unique combination of medical applications, in order to obtain a quick overview of the homeostasis, and the most important regulatory mechanisms of the human body.

It is the first system that manages to make a technological analysis of the function of organs and systems on physiological and biochemical level.

It is a non-invasive device, a screening method with the purpose for the practitioner to quickly make the correct diagnosis, and to follow up his patients easily and correctly.

The system is very easy to use and provides a quick research (2 minutes) at a low cost.

The effectiveness and / or side effects in case of treatment can be immediately looked at.

All this is an indispensable tool in a practice: identifying and managing your therapeutic plan and the follow-up of the patient.

The applied technologies provide after testing a detailed analyses and include the following information:

oxygen in the tissues, the PH, activity of the autonomic nervous system, biochemical data, spine, lymph nodes, brains, digestive system, heart, blood vessels, most important diseases: cardiovascular level, diabetes, etc.

You also get a detailed overview in terms of lifestyle: body composition (water balance, fat percentage, ...) metabolism, electrolytes, oxidative stress, etc. accompanied by personalized advice in nutrition and exercise advice, vitamin deficiencies etc.

In short, this is a research method with huge potential for easy, reliable and personal guidance of your patients and athletes / sportsmen. 


Test only takes 2 minutes

Possible to test 3 minutes extra: Valsalva test, orthostatic test, deep breathing test

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