Xenios Fast Bearing Jump Rope (5er Set)

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5er Set Speed Jumprope-   The Xenios USA® Pro Fast Bearing Jump Rope. This... mehr
Produktinformationen "Xenios Fast Bearing Jump Rope (5er Set)"

5er Set Speed Jumprope-


The Xenios USA® Pro Fast Bearing Jump Rope.

This Jump Rope is made to over-speed ! The extra smooth micro-cartridge bearing spinning system gives to the cord an impressive speed revolution.
The handles of the Pro Fast Bearing Jump Rope are 15.5 cm. long and they feature a long knurled area to provide the perfect grip while double-undering.
Each handle is made of aircraft-grade aluminum so to last for ever and to provide the user the lightest weight ever. A special 360° swivel is set on top of each handle: it makes the rope skipping even more smooth, by giving to the cord the perfect revolution direction. Cord is 2.2 mm. diameter and the inner steel wire is coated with a durable nylon sleeve that let it last longer than bare cords.
Each Jump Rope comes with a 3 m. (10’) Length cord and it can be adjusted according to each user’s height, thanks to the mini-collar that comes on one of the two cord’s ends (opposite end is fixed by swag).


Warning: to skip the rope on a concrete surface may reduce the life of the cord. It is always recommended to use the Jump Ropes on a rubber flooring.

Handle Material
Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
Handle Length
15.5 cm. (6.1”)
Handle Max Diameter
17 mm. (4.3”)
Spinning System
Fast Micro Cartridge Bearing (2x on each Handle)
Handle Top Mechanism
360° Swivel
Black/Blue/Pink Handle with Blue Cord
Steel wire, nylon coated
Cord sizes
2.2 mm. Diameter x 3 m. Length (10’)
Cord Length
Adjustable on one end with a micro-screw equipped collar


Each Rope comes with a Carry Bag



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