Xenios Landing Pad

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Xenios USA®’s   Landing Pad  has raised the standard of noise-minimizing products on... mehr
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Xenios USA®’s Landing Pad has raised the standard of noise-minimizing products on the market by surpassing all expectations in live field tests performed by our athletes and fitness partners. Whether you are a business owner located in a multi-purpose building or lifting in your at-home gym, this pad will keep your neighbors happy and allows you to workout without limits.

No more vibrations: just sturdy design built to absorb.  The blocks are made from sanitized ‘BTEX’ coated PVC and available in full black colour.  Easy-grip handles are built in.


Height 15cm

Density 250 Kg./m3



Lenght cm.
Width cm.
Height cm.
Weight kg
250 Kg./m3
Sanitized “BTEX” Coated (PVC)
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