Xenios Soft Plyobox Set

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Soft Plyobox bestehend aus 15, 31 und 51 cm Höhe.   Safety first, it’s our motto…... mehr
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LKW57fb5a1c1fcbaSoft Plyobox bestehend aus 15, 31 und 51 cm Höhe.


Safety first, it’s our motto…

Plyometric training refers to explosive compound movements, commonly done with bodyweight only. The primary reason we do jumping exercises is to exploit the stretch-shortening cycle of the legs to improve the use of elastic energy.

But new athletes could fear to hurt themself trying to jump on box-top. So we solved this problem. The Xenios USA® Safe Training Soft Plyometric Boxes are stable enough to perform plyometric movements, but soft enough to not injure your shins if you miss.

Conceived to suit beginner skills, the Xenios USA® Safe Training Soft Plyometric Boxes are made with soft foam to prevent injuries while jumping on.

They come out with four different heights to fit any athlete need and training necessity: 15, 31, 51 cm height. Please refer to range chart to choose the ones you like the most. They can be used by advanced athletes who want to push their limits on taller boxes and higher heigths



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